The Bold War

Bedtime Banking

A new trend is emerging and if you haven’t noticed, it may be because you are half asleep, literally!  The growing popularity of Mobile Banking has resulted in some significant changes in customer behaviour.  The large increase in logins has sent most banks scrambling to invest in new infrastructure and customers are increasingly expecting more real-time notifications to supplement what they receive in other apps.

As banking customers get used to Mobile Banking, it appears they are also starting to redefine the time in which they interact with the bank. New data has identified that 7.00 am in the morning is now the most popular time for banking customers to log onto their Mobile Banking app.  Customers are now taking advantage of anytime, anywhere banking to access their banks accounts from the comfort of their bed after waking up in the morning.

It makes perfect sense.  When people get up in the morning, they usually get their phone; check the weather, the traffic, and the latest news headlines.  Now they also check their bank balance. Mobile Banking has now becoming an essential tool for office workers, students and tradesmen. 

The 7 am peak has replaced the historical 9 am online peak.  This shows the shift between Mobile Banking and Internet Banking users. When Internet Banking was first launched it was lauded as the future of banking, however it still relied on you being somewhere – at home or in the office.  The 9 am peak was driven by customers arriving at work and logging on then.  Customers are now taking advantage of Mobile Banking to log on even earlier.


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